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          1. Contact us???
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              Dear customer:
              Thanks for coming our website. If you have any oppinion and suggestion, please do not hesitate contact us. Hope that we can cooperate happily, common development.

                Contacts Mobile phone Tel E-mail Fax
              Marketing Director Yu Shangwei 139 0323 0296 0086 535 6482019 ysw@taroke.com 0086 535 6481659
              International Sales Indian、Australian、Egyptian、African market, please contact:
               Flora Jia
              180 5355 0955
              0086 535 6481158 jxw@taroke.com
              American、Mexican、Russian market,please contact:
              Sherry liu
              138 6454 5815
              0086 535 6482019 ls@taroke.com
              Domestic Sales Wang Rushe 188 6551 0577 0535-6482019 wrs@taroke.com
              Bing Xiaoming 133 2516 7288 0535-6482019 bxm@taroke.com
              Address: No.45 Jinyufeng Road, Fushan-Douyu Industry Park, Yantai, P.R.China.265508
              Post code: 265508
              Website: http://www.tletontech.com


              Company map:


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