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          1. Your Position: Home > Quality Management

            We have perfect Quality Assurance System
            Taroke strictly control each procedure from raw materials to final products. Here we have rigorous management system and informationized detection system. We have got ISO9001, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER certificate which ensures the product and service quality.

            Skilled  Analytical  Team
              We have an analytical team, built of masters and other high-educated degree, has rich specialized knowledge and experience. Through constant innovation and improvement of testing method, now they have made the testing accuracy and precision archived world leading level. 

            Advanced Detection Instrument
            We have complete quality control system with advanced testing equipments, including SHIMADZU HPLC, AAS, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, Automatic polarimeter, SHIMADZU particle- size analyzer etc.


               2009, successfully passed food grade Tartaric acid commodity inspection export audit, ISO9001-2008 quality management system certificate and FDA certificate.
               2010,passed Jew Kocher certification.
               2011,passed ISO22000( HACCP), HALAL certification.
               2017,passed ISO9001:2015 certification.
               2020,passed BRC global standard for good safety certification.

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