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            Yantai Taroke Bio-engineering Co., Ltd (TAROKE) was founded in 2007. After the technological design, equipment installation and debugging lasted for a year and a half, the Company has started the official operation and the large-scale production since February, 2009. The Company is also the only one emerging bio-chemical production enterprise specialized in R & D, production and salesof L (+) tartaric acid products in Shandong, China.
            Our factory is spread in 18,000㎡area and total land area of 20,000 sq m. It is located in Yantai City of China, a beautiful port city, where the sea borders Japan and Korea with well-developed land and sea transportation network that is potentially advantageous for international business demands in the future. Local rich and developed chemical industries supply a great advantage of procurement cost.
            There are 130 employees in our company, over 20% of the employees are professionally high-skilled personnel like senior engineers, master and engineers. Presently we are producing one product L + Tartaric Acid with annual capacity of 10000MT. Our products can meet different international advanced standards, such as GB25545-2010, FCC Ⅷ, USP 35, EP8.0, BP2015 and Japan’s Specifications and Standards For Food Additives. Good quality receives international and domestic famous companies highly evaluation. Therefore, the product has widely spread to US, Australia, Russia, India, Egypt, Japan and Singapore and other countries, widely used in wine, food, pharmaceutical, construction industry and electronics. 
            We will continue to uphold “ quality product, sincere service” and “Reciprocity, mutual benefit, win-win” company tenet,  sincere cooperation with all customers,  contribute to a better life for human beings

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